Pritzker Group is an investment company with unparalleled success and history. Led by J.B. and Tony Pritzker, the organization comprises three professional investment teams: private capital, technology venture capital and asset management.

Unlike private equity and venture capital firms with traditional limited partner structures, Pritzker Group’s permanent capital base brings significant advantages, including alignment with management teams, efficient decision-making and flexible transaction structures. The Pritzkers’ history and the firm’s success give their companies access to an unparalleled network of advisors, strategic partners and customers.


Pritzker Group’s online presence needed to reflect the breadth and success of their investment strategies and portfolio companies, both on the venture capital side (with over 100 companies invested in, including Dollar Shave Club and The Honest Company) and the private capital side (with ownership of 9 companies between $100M – $500M).


The sides of the business speak to drastically different target markets, so the company needed a site that served as a foundation for all.



Increase in pages/session


Reduction in bounce rate


With the help of a dedicated and instrumental project team at the Pritzker Group, Clique was able to deliver a fully-responsive new digital presence that will serve as a foundation for future growth.

The process allowed us to turn the intensive discovery deliverables — site map, competitive analysis, information architecture, and wireframes — into action, resulting in a fully rebranded with video production, brand storytelling, and more.

The end result was a selfless portrait of the company’s mission, showcasing stories and entrepreneurs above else, and driving the company’s core mission: helping entrepreneurs achieve greatness.

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