The American Osteopathic Association is dedicated to advancing the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine. They serve as the certifying organization for all 27 boards of osteopathic specialties. Previously, this entailed having 27 different websites, without strong user experiences.

Clique came onboard to create a main website to house all 27 boards, serving as the jumping off point for students looking to find out what specialty to go into. We then designed a universal template for all 27 boards to have designated websites, but with a unified presentation and a strong connection back to the main site.

AOA certification boards website


To do this, we:

  • Built a custom platform
    • WordPress multisite build for admins to login once and have access to all 27 board sites
  • Modernized design with an updated color scheme, typography, and design elements
    • Incorporated anatomy artwork and sketches
    • Personalized with humanized content, testimonials
  • Updated navigation to include utility nav. for added usability when navigating away from the main site
  • Incorporated custom search
  • Integrated with internal CBMS system, allowing users to login, apply, and pay
  • Created news and events portal

This is just one of several ongoing projects Clique is working on with the AOA. We’re so excited to continue this relationship and keep doing good work with them.