Clique By the Numbers

Value #1

Build something.

We have a heavy bias towards action and care deeply about the quality and originality of what we put out in the world.

Value #2

Be a student and a teacher.

There is no such thing as “self-taught” — directly or indirectly, everybody learns from someone. We work to be active teachers and active learners.

Value #3

Make somebody's job easier.

We strive to be the kind of people you’d like to work with. Making somebody else’s day better has a habit of making our days better as a result.

Some Nice Words

“As for Clique Studios, you shattered the ceiling with this. From my first conversation, I knew I’d found a crew that could take my ideas and make them beautiful and accessible. I’m so lucky to have found you and all the future visitors are also lucky I did.”

Carrie Goldberg, Leading Civil Attorney


Learning and teaching are not an add-on here.

Every single one of us is expected to be an active student and teacher—with clients and with each other. It’s not just one of our values—it comes through in university courses, conferences, internal sessions, and more. We even have several former educators on staff. Second to our work, our commitment to education is our biggest differentiator.

Some Nice Words

“Great team, talented, thoughtful, diverse and empathetic to client goals and needs.”

Carlo Navarro, Director of Digital Strategy for Cancer Research Foundation

Community driven.

24 hour fundraisers.

Dreams can't wait #24forDACA


Trans people are people #24forTransEquality

Howard Brown Health

Keep families together #24forFamilies

The Young Center

Clique team members wearing aprons and hair nets, packing sweet potatoes

Greater Chicago Food Depository

Some other causes we support.

  • Cancer Research Foundation
  • Big Brother Big Sisters
  • United Way
  • Adler Planetarium
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • True North Venture Partners
  • Housing Authority of Cook County
  • Action for Healthy Kids
  • Interactive Health
  • Lexington Health
  • Lyra Health
  • Denver Public Art
  • Pritzker Children's Initiative
  • Pritzker Community Health Initiative
  • Tempus
  • many more.

Lakes and mountains.


410 S. Michigan Ave, Suite 801

Chicago, IL 60605


1644 Platte St

Denver, CO 80202

A few highlights.

 CSSDA special design kudos award  CSSDA best ux design award  Webby ward honoree  CSSDA special design kudos award  Chicago's best and brightest companies award  Communicator award  Gold award  Silver award  Awwwards mobile site of the week award  Silver communicator award  50 on fire award  Silver communicator award  Communicator award  Stevie award  Silver communicator award  Silver communicator award  Clear gold award  Independent publisher book award  CSSDA best ux design award  Silver award  Site of the day award  CSSDA special design kudos award  Silver communicator award  CSSDA best ux design award  L award  CSSDA special design kudos award  Blocks stacked award  Gold award  Communicator award  CSSDA best ux design award

Some Nice Words

“Clique is a team of big thinkers, creative thinkers, and people that understand how to bring a human element to tech - which makes a good digital experience great.”

Former Digital Strategist at White Label, an independent drinks marketing agency

Like What You See?

We look for values fit, not culture fit, and are always looking for people to make us different and better.