An award-winning design and engineering agency, Clique Studios creates digital experiences for high-growth organizations.  Ever since we started, we’ve had the same philosophy:


We focus on doing the best work possible for our clients and know that good things will follow.  Clique and Denver are similar in that regard.

By never deviating from our focus on doing great work, we’ve grown every year of our existence. We’ve never had to take on investment or rely on a short-term strategy because we know that long-term success in our industry is much more straightforward than others might think.

Do great work,

Build community,

And good things will follow.  “Growth through quality” always.  And so far, we’ve been right.

The community in Chicago has been an integral part of the success we’ve had so far and, having discovered the same level of motivated talent, excitement and change in Colorado, we know the community in Denver will be just as integral to our future.

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Strategy is the entry point for everything that we do: design, engineering, and marketing.

This is because although it’s never been easier to build something, it’s never been harder to build something successful.

Since 90% of venture-backed startups fail and 96% of businesses fail within ten years, strategy matters more than ever.

We leverage an intensive discovery process to define the scope and technical aspects of your project, delve into a user experience design process, and then transition to technological execution.

At Clique, we have a strong bias toward action because we know that uncertainty kills projects.  However, taking the right action is what matters most and a strong strategy always pays off.


At our core, we’re a design agency. Founded by a pair of designers and continually expanding our design trophy case, design guides everything at Clique.

Collaboration throughout our design process is paramount and, as all design is iterative, we use interactive tools that allow you to interact and simulate functionality quickly along with our UX team.

You can take notes directly on the designs, saving you hours of conversation and back-and-forth emails.


Having a nimble in-house engineering team allows us to help large organizations take advantage of new technology, while remaining scalable enough to execute in enterprise environments.

Our in-house team are experts in crafting custom software applications, CMS implementations, mobile apps, and data projects – using a flexible process, rigorous launch parameters and QA that gets the job done right every time.


Any agency can launch a new project, high-five each other, and walk away.

We decided early on we didn’t want to be that kind of agency. We don’t just want to launch a new project; we want it to perform.

After we’ve debuted your new digital presence, we invest ourselves in making sure it’s successful. This includes two key areas:

The first is digital marketing, where our Google certified SEO specialist and marketing team create an exhaustive marketing plan for your project ranging from SEO, Paid search, and growth strategies to drive real traffic and conversions.

The second is support, where our in-house support team takes care of security, questions, bugs and additional features.

Your success is a marathon, not a sprint.

We’re with you from the first step to the last.


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