The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the challenging (but rewarding) work we do, our growth as a company, and the good memories we’ve made.

But how do we sum up a year’s worth of stuff in less than 500 words?

You don’t. But let’s give it a shot anyway.

We refined our values by trimming them from 6 to 3.

Why? To make them as memorable as possible, better embed them into our work, and grow into a better company, not just a bigger one.

red and orange image with 3 values (build something, be a student and a teacher, make somebody's job easier)

We welcomed an incredible cast of new characters to our Clique family.

gif with headshots of new hires

Expanded our horizons as we figured out how to make remote work, work.

map with states colored in orange

Hosted two successful 24-hour fundraisers for causes we care about.

Raising $1,823 for The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

fight for immigrant children graphic

…and$2,130 for Howard Brown Health.

intersex rights are human rights graphic

We helped Denver Public Art celebrate the launch of their new website.

panning image of two people speaking to an audience

Spent some quality time together decorating our office.

colorful mural in an office

Tasted some quality beers with our “in-house cicerones” at First Fridays.

Daniel and Kyle in lederhosen with beer

We took a field trip to our local bookstore to build a library and keep up with our reading habits.

gif of clique team holding books they purchased

We taught each other some new things in our latest round of Lightning Talks.

Like how to find easter eggs in movies…

Mia presenting with woody from toy story on a tv

…and how to make ninja stars. (It’s easy, we promise).

group of people looking confused

We planned some awesome events for the team with our Inclusion Committee.

Like carving out some time for arts and crafts to recognize mental health awareness…

people doing arts and crafts

…and hosting A11y workshops to level up our team’s understanding and implementation of web accessibility best practices.

Fen and Shara high-five in the office

We spent time together outside of the office.

Like participating in the Burgers and Beer 5K at Soldier Field…

clique studios at soldier field

…and volunteering with the Chicago Food Depository to repack donated food and other products for food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters in Cook County.

people packing sweet potatoes

We hosted our annual State of the Clique.

Ted presenting to a group

We karaoke’d at Brando’s (of course).

Natalie and Suj at karaoke

And capped it all off with a memorable holiday party.

group having fun posing for a photo

Oh, and we did some work, too—more launches than we can mention.

four website screen shots

And we won a ton of hardware.

collection of awards on a page

The end of the year is a great opportunity to reflect on what we’ve done, how we’ve grown, and why we do this.

But it’s also about looking forward.

We’ve still got things to build, so much to learn, and so many people to help.
It kind of feels like we’re only at the beginning.

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