In the digital world, oftentimes, your website is the front door of your organization. It’s how people first perceive your value, your brand, and whatever you’re selling. For the tech industry specifically, the pressure is elevated—why would someone invest in the technology if the company doesn’t have a modern website?

A well-designed website can help your company make the right first impression, market your technology or software, and convert users to customers.

How to Build Tech Websites that Drive Your Business

Show off your tech and your people

Most tech users base their purchase decision on two key things: the product and the service. They want to buy something that works, as well as have smart people to help them along the way. Your website should showcase your product with content—graphics, icons, animations, videos—that highlights different features.

But, Adding a few photos of people—both your customers and your team—can help people feel more confident and comfortable choosing you over the competition.

Choose a design that’s scalable

The fastest-changing industry in the world is arguably technology and software. You don’t want your website to hold you back. Investing in a Content Management System (CMS) and a navigation structure that can support fast growth is vital to set you up for whatever the future holds.

At Clique, we use WordPress, because—among other reasons—it’s open source. A website on open source is more flexible long-term, and can be easily adjusted by non-proprietary engineers (aka—you have flexibility in your partnership choices too).

Invest in great copywriting

“Our technology is innovative, disruptive, and immersive.” How many companies can this apply to? . Focusing on specifics, rather than blanket statements can help build authority and a “show don’t tell” approach to copy can help you cut through the buzzwords.

Want to build a website that drives more leads and revenue for your business? Get in touch. Not quite convinced yet? Check out some of our case studies below.

Gameday Gateway

Gameday Gateway redefined the process for purchasing ad space in the sports industry: together, we created the first ever online marketplace where advertisers can purchase stadium advertising online. As a first-in-history platform, to change the industry’s behavior, we needed to build a platform that was seamless the second it went live.

screenshot of several pages of GameDay's website

 Building something that had never been built before

Working with their team of industry-experts, we built the first ever two-sided marketplace for their industry. A user focused approach was the key to not only build a successful platform, but to launch a successful business that enabled advertisers and sports teams to buy and sell ad space with the click of a button.


Pareto uses data analytics, modern technologies, and business expertise to help their healthcare clients make better decisions. As a growing startup, they needed a website to educate their target audiences about their capabilities, expertise, and—ultimately—why Pareto was the right solution.

Pareto homepage

Design as a communication tool.

Pareto’s biggest value is their ability to uncover insights from data to help their clients, but with that came a bigger challenge: their clients didn’t know what they didn’t know. To explain their solution, we took a communicative approach to design. We leveraged elements from their logo to symbolize their work in organizing data and incorporated animated illustrations to visualize their different capabilities. The result is a design that’s playful and inventive, but smart—just like their team.

Some highlights include:

  • Two, unique mood boards in our design phase to determine how to bring their brand to life
  • Interactive design including subtle hover states and nontraditional scrolling
  • Seamless transition to log into software and application program
  • Tableau dashboard iFrame capability to create more interactive blog posts

Access Corp

Crafting a unified story for a business driven by innovation

Access Corp, a global information management provider, was experiencing immense growth due to strategic acquisitions, expanding into new markets, and investing in innovative services. Rather than an asset, their website had become a repository of repetitive information with no clear brand messaging.

Access corps homepage

Merging the old with the new to create one “Access” experience.

Clique uncovered that, through their growth, Access’ positioning became misaligned with their offerings and goals. Now, they are more than a storage company—they are a partner to their clients, creating management solutions to help them succeed. We leveraged our full content experience approach to help Access communicate their brand’s innovative, modern, collaborative approach to their users.

Through UX and SEO enhancements, content strategy, and experience design, we strengthened the structure of their website and pages. To create cohesion and optimize different points of entry we:

  • Restructured the sitemap and navigation to organize the information with various user personas and journeys in mind
  • Designed flexible, modular templates, which allowed for a high-level of customization for administrators, including reorganization of individual frames and fields on the page module
  • Established a Design System for updating all print collateral to align with a new brand and future-proof the company for more communication efforts
  • Recognized their established SEO value in local pages and uncovered an opportunity to not only maintain but improve on their search result rankings through location-based strategies

In tandem, to develop their brand story we:

  • Led internal content workshops, which inspired 10+ pages of copy to convey brand messaging clearly, cohesively, and creatively throughout the site and give the Access team guidelines for how to speak about their offerings in the future
  • Designed custom illustrations throughout the site with float-in animations to mirror the innovative, flexible approach to their solutions and prioritize conversion and user interaction
    • Launched the new brand with a full-scale booth design at a tech conference in ChicagoRebranded their flagship HR software ( “Filebridge HR” to “CartaHR”) to fit into the new revised messaging strategy

Morgan, Clique Project Manager, shares how we approached creating a cohesive story:


NuCurrent is engineering wireless power solutions that work, period. Their cutting-edge technology turns their clients’ wireless power concepts into reality—from smartphones to sneakers, watches to medical devices, they partner with the best and brightest in the industry, delivering proprietary and Qi solutions to enable their clients’ continued success.

They came to Clique in need of a modern, redesigned website that would speak to the caliber of technology they build and engineers they employ. Content strategy was a huge focus for this project, as we set out to reposition how they speak to their target audiences and better tell the NuCurrent story. Through a collaborative content and design approach, we created a stronger, more engaging presentation of the brand that gives NuCurrent a competitive advantage in the ever evolving wireless charging industry.

Nucurrent homepage


  • Custom iconography and animations throughout
  • Messaging strategy and original copywriting execution
  • Modular template development for ease of scale
  • Dynamic careers page for enhanced recruiting and direct candidate application


Coranet designs, installs, and manages their clients’ network infrastructure, security solutions, and audio visual technology. They put a face to technology, prioritizing customer service above all else. Coranet needed a design partner to execute the redesign of their website as well as carry out a brand refresh. The new site brought the brand into the 21st century, targeting new clients and new talent, and better telling the unique Coranet story through modern design and an updated content strategy.

To do that, we:

  • Built a modern, customizable site to grow and change with the organization
  • Overhaul of content strategy to better tell their story and engage users throughout the site
  • Put a focus on their unique, humanized approach
  • Logo redesign and overall brand refresh
    • Colors
    • Typography
  • Restructured sitemap and page hierarchy to enhance the user experience

Invest in a website to differentiate your product and your team