You’ve broken ground. Now break through.

After we’ve launched your new presence, we work with you to make sure it’s successful.

We focus on providing an ongoing digital marketing strategy for your new presence, helping it to drive traffic, conversions and, ultimately, revenue.

The goal here is to educate you on our recommended use of digital, understand options and services we provide, and ultimately refine our estimated budget.

We work to develop a fixed monthly retainer where our team will execute both proactive and reactive tactics to arm your team with a strong digital presence.


Ongoing Monthly Activities are designed to gradually build your online presence and maintain a consistent level of engagement with your current and prospective supporters.  This positions you to control your brand and reputation online.

Adhoc Services are instantly deployable tactics best used when there is a specific issue or opportunity to address. This allows us to quickly pivot and immediately take action when needed by re-allocating budget to temporary or finite initiatives.

Interested in working with Clique to make sure your digital presence is successful? Talk to us.