We recently welcomed Paul Chou (he/him) to our team as a design intern. Paul grew up in Taichung, a small town in Taiwan. He attended the University of North Texas to study graphic design. After completing the intense program, he found Clique from a Google search for “best frikin web design agency in Chicago”. (Maybe not those exact words, but you get the point). Paul is a pure creative at heart. He loves design, architecture, museums, and naps (of course). We’re giddy to have him on board. Check out more from our conversation.

Paul Chou

Of all the places you could’ve gone, what brought you to Chicago?

“The number one thing about Chicago was the architecture, not the food. The design in Chicago is incredible — the flag, the street art — just everything.”

So I get that you’re really into design. What attracted you to Clique, specifically?

“I looked at the projects and the work and saw an opportunity to learn from everyone and challenge myself to expand my experience.”

Do you have a favorite part of the design process?

“I love concepting. I work on branding a lot, so I love brainstorming different ideas and seeing what new ideas come to me.”

Coming up with things from scratch seems challenging. How do you do it?

*he pulls out a sketchbook of hundreds (no, seriously) of logo concepts from a recent project*

So when you’re not whipping up designs, what are you up to?

“Short answer: Museums. Long answer: Exploring. Museums are a good place to relax and learn at the same time. I like that you can just stay as long as you want in front of a piece or exhibit. You can just enjoy it or try to understand it. Also, sleeping.”

Okay. A few rapid-fire questions. What’s your favorite kind of music?

“Indie folk. Bands like the Lumineers and Horse Feathers.”

Got any hidden talents?

“I’m really good at making pop up books. All sorts of different techniques, too.”

*note to self: have Paul teach us how to make pop up books*

Last question. I know there’s only a little time left, but complete this sentence. By the end of 2018, I want to _____?

“I want to become a better design person. I want to feel like I know what I’m doing and learn how to work better with others.”

Humble as pie. Check out Paul’s portfolio to see what I mean.