Seriah (she/her) recently joined our team as a Project Manager and has already overseen several successful projects. Before joining the team, Seriah honed her project management skills in the marketing and brand management field, most recently in the exhibit design industry.

Picture of Seriah

As a Clique Project Manager, Seriah will put to use her expertise in creativity and analytical thinking. We’re glad she’s a part of the team! Here’s a bit of our recent conversation.

So, what brought you to Clique?

“The main thing that attracted me to Clique were the clients that we’ve worked with like Red Rocks Amphitheater, Adler Planetarium, Denver Public Art – all super creative websites. And Clique’s values align with my own.
The most important thing to me when I’m doing a job is to be able to do work I’m proud of while also having a life as a human outside of work. So everything seemed to ‘click’ really really well.”

Seriah swears that Clique/click pun wasn’t intentional.


What’s been most exciting so far?

“I just had my first project launch last week—Chicago Gas Lines. It went really well and everyone was happy with the end result. And I’ve got another project launching later this month. So lots of launches, which is really exciting! It’s fast paced, but great to see things actually come to life in a quick timeline.”


Congrats on all the launches! Now for some fun questions. Did you have a dream job while you were growing up?

“I had a few dream jobs that I’d cycle through every few years: astronaut, veterinarian, lawyer… But once I hit middle school I started looking for things that might be a mixture of creative and analytical because I’ve always liked both. I don’t think I really knew exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew it was something that was going to have that balance.”


It looks like you found it! If you could be the best in the world at one skill but bad at everything else what would that skill be and why?

“I’d probably choose planning and time management. Then if I was bad at everything else it wouldn’t cause a huge problem because I could just plan it out really well. I am somebody who likes to go into situations with a plan A, B, and C—so having those sort of planning skills might work out nicely.”


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Last year, I got great advice from my supervisor. She said to get comfortable with ‘good enough.’ I am a ‘recovering perfectionist’ and can stress about making sure that things are exactly right. I will even look back on previous work and think about all the things that could have been done better.

And while it’s good to continuously improve, my supervisor taught me to know what is good enough. That way I don’t give myself gray hairs over the wrong things. That was important advice for me and I’ve definitely thought about it regularly since.”


That is great advice. Unfortunately, this interview has gone perfectly so far. So let’s rapid fire for these last few questions. If you had to have a job other than the one that you have, what would it be?

“I would love to be a librarian. I love reading and doing research. And libraries are my happy place, so if I could just stay there forever that’d be great.”


What would you choose to be your final meal?

“I love a good sushi roll.”

A gif of a giant roll of sushi being formed


Do you have a current obsession?

“I’ve had my cat, Sybil, for about six months and I’m definitely obsessed. She’s still a kitten, so she takes up a decent amount of my time.”

Do you have any irrational fears?

“I don’t think so. I mean, I have fears, but they’re all rational to me. Like I feel like I have a rational fear of heights, and a rational fear of bugs, and a rational fear of clowns… okay maybe clowns isn’t rational, but a lot of people are afraid of clowns. Oh! Birds. I’m afraid of birds.”

That’s understandable. Final question: what do you want to achieve by the end of the year?

“At work, my goal is to complete three launches by the end of the year. Outside of work, I’d love to travel more. So I’ll have to plan a trip!”

We’re glad to have you on the team, Seriah!