Jeff GoodSmith (he/him) recently joined Clique as a Content Marketing Outreach Associate. Born and raised near an L-stop his entire life, Jeff is a fully initiated Chicagoan. In addition, he’s an experienced, persistent writer always looking to improve his craft. He received his Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern and graduated from Second City’s Writing program in 2015. He came to Clique in pursuit of a challenging and invigorating career where he could put his writing chops to good use. We’re happy to have him on board. Here’s a bit more from our conversation.

Jeff GoodSmith

So how did you find your way to Clique?

“Other Jeff (our Digital Marketing Director) is a volunteer at the Anti-Cruelty society, where my mom is the Head of Marketing and Fundraising. After an email intro, we grabbed coffee to discuss the kind of work I wanted to do. He told me about a position they were opening up on the team and it seemed like a perfect fit.”

What are you liking the most so far?

“I’ve got a good sense of what’s expected of me. The team is making sure I’m getting eased into the work. But I’m really enjoying the social aspect of the culture here. I already know more people here by first name here than I knew at my 200+ person job.”

What would you say is the most exciting part about being here?

“Career wise, I love having actionable SEO goals to strive toward. I’m learning a lot, and getting to see how SEO and digital marketing in general is executed in the real world.”

What’s your favorite part about the writing process?

“The research. I like learning about the things I’m going to be writing about. And then taking something people aren’t aware of and teaching it to them. For example, I learned researching an article that one of FDR’s kids wrote like 18 detective novels about Eleanor Roosevelt solving crimes. His Wikipedia page is pretty wild.”

terry crews saying wait

*Mental note: read Jeff’s blog*

If you could be the best in the world at one skill but bad at everything else what would that skill be and why?

“Being a good friend. I’m big on friendship and family. If someone says something bad about me, I can shrug it off, but if it’s about someone I care about I really don’t like that.”

I respect that.

What does an ideal weekend look like for you?

“Well, I’m probably gonna get a nice long run in. I’ll spend a least a day watching movies, catching up on shows, or cooking something—preferably with a lot of prep work. Then going out with friends to a bar or someone’s apartment. Maybe pack a concert in there, too.”

What was the last book you recommended?

“Anything by Shea Serrano. I’m currently finishing Movies (And Other Things).”

tim duncan and tony parker hug

Jeff and I are friends now.

Complete this sentence. By the end of 2019 the decade, I want to _______?

“I feel that I really nailed this question when asked two weeks ago.”

Glad to have you on the team, Jeff.