Junior Engineer by design – Not Currently Accepting Applications

We’ve designed our program focusing on the skills necessary to get a role as a junior full-stack engineer at a small company or agency. By narrowing the focus and learning in the manner you’ll be working aka. try, search and then finally ask the right questions we are confident that apprentices will be able apply what they’ve learned.

MAP is project based allowing for remote work most days. About 15% of time is spent in workshops with engineers, 25% working with fellow apprentices, 10% teaching to solidify what you’ve learned and 50% independently working.

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    2-6 weeks prior to start


    The apprentice program starts with selecting the right future team members who demonstrate our values and are prepared for, interested in the challenges ahead.

    All apprentice candidates, meet with Brent, talk with former apprentices, and complete a technical challenge.

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    2 weeks prior to start


    Our Pre-work is UNIQUE, and DIFFICULT. We focus on tough semantic markup and CSS. That means big sites, w/ complex visual hierarchies to set and manage. You’ll collaborate with other apprentices, getting to know the folks you’ll be spending the next 12 weeks with.

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    Weeks 1- 8


    To make sure we’re on track our learning focuses on small feedback loops, which we’ll teach you to recognize. Examples include 1 week and 1 day projects, pair coding, best practice workshops, apprentice teaching, and mentor office hours.

    Each module will be kicked off by a senior engineer leading a workshop to introduce a new topic and the goal you’ll be working towards. That same engineer will be your point person for questions on the project you’re given to apply that skill. Additionally, your fellow apprentices will be working on the same project and support you in your learning.

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    Weeks 8-12

    Journeyman Specialization

    All apprentices will pick an area of specialization where they want to deepen their learning. We believe people should develop T shape skills.

    Front-end Specialization:

    Executes and understands difficult front-end tasks for the marketing site using jQuery for animations and ajax to load data on the fly. The front-end specialist, is an expert in Bootstrap and can visualize any design as a part of the grid system.

    Back-end Specialization:

    Back-end specialists think algorithmically, and are driven to tackle increasingly complex integrations. Either they contribute to the OO community developing at least one custom plugin in WordPress or they stick to MVC learning Laravel to create an application to manage internal Clique Resources.

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    Week 12+

    Junior engineer

    All engineers on our team are expected surpass the objectives laid out in the apprentice guide. Based on your performance over the past 12 weeks we’ll either provide suggestions for further learning, welcome you to the team as a junior engineer or help you find another role you’ll love.