We’re thrilled to welcome Andrés J. Muñoz Rodriguez (he/him) to our team. As a Client Success Manager, he will be working closely to support our current partners in a support role. 

After considering a career in the legal field, Andrés received his masters in Public Relations from Boston University. He has 3+ years of customer support experience, working both in the nutrition/fitness and SaaS fields. 

andres munoz

In his new role, Andrés is looking forward to working on a variety of projects and learning with those opportunities, all while ensuring client success. We’re so excited to have him. Here’s a bit from our conversation.  

How’s your first week going so far?

“It’s been good. Definitely a lot to take in. I’ve worked in tech before, but it was a SaaS company where everything is contained in the product, so working with so many different clients and projects is new. No two projects are exactly the same, and each client’s needs are different. So just learning those needs, and how to execute them, is exciting.”

What does your ideal weekend look like? 

“My ideal weekend? Aww man. I’d say hanging out? I’m a homebody, so anything that’s just relaxing with my wife and watching garbage reality tv shows. Turns out, we found out in the early pandemic we’re really into that—the dating shows, the scandalous dramatic shows.” 

What are you watching now?

“Love Island.”

Love Island Logo

This was the one image from the Google image search for the show that I felt comfortable posting here.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

“It has to be my dog, Luna. She’s a hound mix. I’m not an animal person, I used to be afraid of dogs. And that turned into a general apathy towards dogs. And now we have our dog, who is pretty cool. If I could do it all over again it’ll be this exact same dog.” 

New TV show you’re loving? Favorite movie?

“I just finished I Think You Should Leave yesterday. My friends have been recommending it for a while, and it’s my kind of humor. So absurd and surreal, but very intelligent. I don’t think I didn’t laugh at any one of them.” 

Spoiler alert—I may or may not have an upcoming issue of Open Tabs about this show. 

What’s something you do to make your day a little bit better? Treat yourself to a latte? Good music? Wine?

“I’m a beer guy, that’s the industry I cut my teeth in. It was a hobby, then I worked in it, then it went back to being a hobby. So if there’s a good beer that I haven’t had, I’ll crack one open and enjoy watching a TV show.” 

Beer preference?

“I love barleywines. They’re rare and expensive, so right now I’m drinking an Octoberfest, which I also love. But my favorite non-seasonal beers are bocks. Worst case scenario, if I can’t find any good craft or local beers, I’ll get Shiner Bock.”

Mmm, barleywines

Current obsession? 

“Right now my only obsession is this damn kid that’s coming. *laughs* 

The more fun answer is that I’ve been spitballing the idea of starting a podcast, and my wife keeps encouraging me to do it.” 

What would your podcast be about?

“Well the topic is pretty set, and as far as I’ve heard it’s fairly unique. Since I’m having a kid soon, I knew I’d have to watch a lot of children’s content. And I realized I can review children’s content but for adults, and for parents. 

There’s so much out there that parents can’t keep up. So I’d be consuming all this media, and explain to my wife what the show is, if I want my kid watching that, and why they should watch it or not.”  

Calling all new parents out there—you might have a new podcast to check out in the future.

By the end of 2021 I want to _______?

“I want to be ready for this kid that is coming in January of 2022.” 

We’re so thrilled to welcome you, Andrés! We’re looking forward to you bringing your energy and expertise to our team!