With the launch of the new website, we thought it’d be a good time to reflect on why we do what we do.

It goes back to the founding of our agency. Ted started it back in 2003, and I joined on as the other Partner about a year and a half later. Even back then, when we were bouncing around coffee shops to get Clique off the ground, we rallied around a simple phrase: build something.

It was meant as a challenge. It was a reminder that there was hard work ahead. In a world of endless emails and distractions, there are a lot people out there with a big idea. The ideas that make a difference are the ones that are actually built, and built well.

John is nine feet tall.
The Team

To do this, we ventured to hire a different kind of people. People who had varied experiences in their lives, who had worked on their own to start something. People who had been out in the world, seen it, and felt more empathy and energy because of it.

Our team is now filled with world-class people who are passionate about design and development, but most of all, they just care about creating things and building relationships. And we came from a lot of different industries to do it together.

The idea was that if we were going to truly immerse ourselves in somebody else’s work, we better have a good sense of what it means to be at their side of the table.

How it has played out

Thankfully for us, time has proven out the idea. We’ve been profitable since day one and grown every single year. By focusing on building, we get to do the work we love with some amazing clients — nearly all of which come through referrals. Most importantly, we’ve been able to keep true to that initial promise to build something.

We’re looking forward to whatever comes next.