UChicago Grad is the support system for graduate students at the University of Chicago. It offers advising, career planning, networking support, fellowships, and extracurricular activities, all designed to help students maximize their experience. The organization needed a modern, easy-to-navigate website to better serve their students.

screen shot of homepage of the UChicago Grad website

UX and Content Strategy were huge components for this project, as we streamlined their story and resources to better communicate with their key target audience: students. Through both internal and external stakeholder interviews, as well as content workshops, our team restructured their site to speak directly to students. The result is an engaging, strategically organized website that highlights UChicago’s dedication to help students navigate their postgraduate career.



  • Simplified the site structure and navigation to align with the organization’s objectives
    • Informed by internal stakeholder interviews, content workshops, and student interviews
  • Designed flexible, modular templates to allow for administrators to customize each page and be prepared for future growth
  • Implemented unique design elements to enhance the UX
    • Sticky tabs on the right side of each page for easy targeted actions
    • Enhanced filter capabilities for Programs page, the most frequently used page
  • Highlighted the existing brand elements with modern animations and design
  • Wrote custom copy for the homepage to speak directly to the students and better convey the organization’s mission