Video Math

1,440,000 words. That is what :60 seconds of video is worth.

And we’ve all heard a picture is worth 1,000. Add to that picture: music, interviews, voice over, graphics, and the value of those words becomes so much greater. I’m constantly seeing story after story of marketing and analytics companies detailing just how valuable video is in the current marketplace. Example.  In the end, people are reading less and watching more. In order for businesses to stay current they must integrate video into their digital strategy.

Even with that knowledge, most people are still unsure in moving forward with video because of two reasons: How and how much?


For all budget ranges, most productions will follow the same process (at least for us it will).

  1. Discovery – Who is the client? Who is the audience? What is the message?

From there we go into the war room and create several concepts for one to be chosen by the client.

  1. Pre-production – Gathering assets, location, schedules, talent/equipment if needed. This is one of the longest parts of the process because we’d rather measure twice and cut once.
  2. Production – Shoot day. Arrive on location with all assets and begin filming.
  3. Post- production – The client will receive rough cuts of the final video. Initially the video will look bare and contain only the most important parts pertaining to delivering the message. The following rough cuts and rounds of revisions will begin showing the creative effects including music, graphics, titles etc.
  4. Delivery – When everyone is happy with the video, we will upload the file to a vimeo or youtube account, send the raw file to the client and/or embed the file onto the website.

Of course the process varies slightly according to the different types of videos, but essentially this is how a project goes from discovery to delivery.

How Much?

Maybe you don’t want to hire your nephew who is at film school and you don’t need a full film crew to produce a television spot. There are other options to consider. With today’s technology, production has become easier and cheaper. The problem with that has been an oversaturated market leading to an ocean full of low quality video. Fortunately, this availability of high quality footage to all has made creativity, talent and big ideas stand out instead of deeper pockets, bigger crews and larger companies.

From the different prices I’ve seen in the past five years, as well as speaking with other producers, videos can run you between $1,000 – $15,000. There are a lot of different variables when considering a shoot, and almost anything can alter a price sheet. The biggest variables are experience, equipment and concept. On the lower side of prices, you typically see live event videography, basic point and shoot video where production isn’t much more than capturing what’s happening at a certain time and location.

The higher up the price scale you go, you begin to see more complex productions with video treatments that include detailed elements like a script, a shot list, interviews and so forth. Usually with smaller, boutique production crews, the more you spend on a video, the more complex and thought out the idea is, resulting in more time, effort and talent spent in each aspect of the process.

Some Budgets drive Ferraris ( Ultrapawn Video Campaign):






Some drive sleds  ( Santa Hustle 5k Live Event.)::






Some tips to help you get started:

Luckily for most people even with small budgets, many styles of video can be obtained. It’s just a matter of finding the right team. Certain crews specialize in a particular style or have the capacity and experience of doing all sorts of videos of all shapes and sizes.

  • Decide if you want to find a team that works with you, or for you. Either you are looking for a paintbrush or the painter, video crews are particular to that.
  • A good team will learn your craft, your business and the message you are trying to share becoming an extension of your business. They will take up the message as their own to learn and understand.
  • Maybe your message is data driven so the video is a motion infographic or your company is re-branding so the video is a brand story. Either way, an experienced producer with many styles of video under their belt can set his or her sights on the same target as your own ultimately helping you find the video that makes most sense for you.
  • Two things you must know to help your video team begin work is to know your message and know your target. There is a video that will connect them both.

Brand Stories: Good for authenticity and building trust.


Motion Infographics: Good for spreading data driven information.


Web/app Videos: Good for virality, gaining attention and showing users how it works


Video production can take your company’s content, the pages that clutter up a website, the bullet points, the photos, the long blocks of text and put it into a 1 minute piece of art. Video crews can develop a production that transforms those words and the message you are trying to share into moving picture or should I say 1,440,000 moving words.

Now wouldn’t this have been easier to watch as a video?

The Math of 1.4 million words:

[My camera snaps 24 pictures in 1 second to create motion when played back. 1 picture (1/24th second) : 1000 words,  24 pictures ( 1 second): 24,000 words   = 1,440,000 Words : 24,000 pictures ( 60 seconds) ]