Here is what we ‘thought’ the New Google Update would mean for advertisers:

  1. Limited ad real-estate increases competition for ad space which will drive up CPC costs. Top of page ads increased from 3 to 4 (for most high-volume searches)
  2. The right-hand space will still be used for PLA (“shopping”) ads if those campaigns are running
  3. Potential move to Bing Ads to take advantage of new audience and new opportunities at a lower CPC
  4. Organic space is even more precious and an even bigger focus on SEO is needed

New Google Update


Here is an early look of what the New Google Update change has ‘actually’ meant for advertisers:

  1. Top 4 Search Results are definitely the winners (no surprise) in terms of CTR & Conversions, while 5+ has realized the opposite – lower CTRs/Conversion vs pre-SERP change
  2. CPCs have NOT increased as predicted….YET. At the moment, there’s no change in search CPCs as a result of the SERP changes… more on this to follow.
  3. Shopping Campaigns/PLAs (for ecomm advertisers) have a unique advantage since they are still right-hand side eligible. Product listing ads and the knowledge panel are the only listings that will appear in on the right, alongside the top four paid search ads.

Here is what we recommend:

  • Don’t Panic – the industry’s reaction to the announced SERP change ranged from ‘ho-hum’ to the panicking Lost In Space Robot  (I was clearly measure and pragmatic, as anyone who knows me would attest). Truth is no major results as of yet that force advertisers into drastic measures. We are monitoring daily and will advise.
  • PLAs – if you are in ecommerce and not doing Paid Search Product Listing Ads (PLA) now is the time to seriously consider it. PLAs turn the google ‘search’ engine into a ‘shopping’ engine with elevated CTRs and high-performing conversion rates.
  • A move to Bing Ads – Yes, even before the New Google Update a move to Bing Ads has seen great results – Bing is doing it better than they were a few years ago and has adopted remarketing along with new ad inventory partnerships. We have moved quite a few clients to Bing with very solid conversion results. With the recent SERP change this generated some urgency to move more budget to Bing and it’s paid off. Bing has their own version of PLAs as well.
  • SEO -If you haven’t explored a more proactive SEO effort now is the time to do so – it’s a different audience than Paid Search and provides a more loyal customer base that spends more time on your site, and spend more money on your products/services.

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