Tanvas is the pioneer of surface haptics, connecting people to the digital world through rich touch interactions. Their groundbreaking technology is putting touch inside the touchscreen, enabling real-time control of the forces acting between a fingertip and a touch surface. Unlike anything on the market today, Tanvas is adding a new dimension to our digital world that creates dynamic textures with endless applications

Tanvas needed a partner who could graduate their website into a multifaceted lead generation machinethey found that at Clique. We designed a new site to communicate their unprecedented technology, tailoring different landing pages to their unique user bases. We crafted the site to showcase the recognition they’ve already received, attract and excite new users, and position them for future growth.

Tanvas Homepage

To do that, we:

  • Incorporated interactive hover elements to help illustrate the concept of feeling texture on a screen
  • Integrated with Medium
  • Created Gamified Waitlist Signup – Users are prompted to share to improve their position on the waitlist “Want to jump the line? Improve your position by inspiring your friends to sign up.”
  • Designed 10+ custom page layouts
  • Ensured responsiveness
  • Built custom CMS
    • Open-source
    • PHP
    • Enterprise implementation of WordPress

Excited as we are to touch your sweaters when you’re online shopping? See the possibilities…