Users are not users.

They are people. They are people with motivations, hopes, beliefs, prejudices, experiences. Understanding your target audience can be the key to building an experience that your users love.

As part of our strategic services, we work to define target opportunities. For eCommerce sites, we outline possible Purchase Triggers and expound upon user experience opportunities. We can even include full user persona development, including demographics, motivations, and an information needs hierarchy.

This allows a user experience designer to take the project out of the abstract and into the tangible. They are no longer designing for a 30-45 year old “user.” They are designing for Sheryl, the 32-year-old mother of two from Naperville, who is in the local book club and doesn’t like sitcoms. That level of specificity allows us to make confident, informed decisions that work.

Interested in working with Clique to help define your target audience? Talk with one of the folks from our Chicago office today.