Focusing on what we do best.

We do our best to put our people in positions to succeed. That means designers focusing on user experience, and developers focusing on building amazing things.

That also means that everything else — milestones, expectations, scope documentation, day-to-day communication — call for a robust, enterprise-level project management process to ensure success. Drawing upon our backgrounds in consulting and political organizing, we’ve implemented just that.


Each of our projects flows through a Partner at the company. They lead with the initial proposal, timeline and contract process, and then stay for the duration of the project.

When the formal kickoff takes place, we introduce you to a dedicated Project Management Lead, who will be your point of contact throughout launch. We will also have a Content lead who will work internally and with your team to make sure that content is prioritized and organized the way it should be.


We’ve designed this process to be a collaborative, iterative undertaking with the client project sponsor serving as the expert of the business as a whole. By allowing us all to focus on what we know best, we all benefit.

Want to talk through our project management process? Give us a call.