Defining and refining the task at hand.

We’ve helped countless new businesses get off the ground and turn into thriving digital properties. Time after time, we’ve relearned a simple lesson: with any new idea, defining the task at hand can be as important (and challenging) as executing it.

By conducting innovation workshops prior to a full engagement, we have the ability to work with your team to truly understand and define requirements while also leaving flexibility to brainstorm and mold the idea as needed.

With any innovation session, we look to agree upon upfront goals and objectives. We then present the overall opportunities and challenges to provide context to the meeting.

Then we have an open, collaborative environment where we work to define the core idea; once done, we work through features and functionality, and have an open dialogue about tradeoffs of phasing, development challenges, risks, and opportunities.

The final deliverables can vary widely based on the engagement, but can include a full site map, phasing plan, technical requirements, and wireframes. This all informs our award-winning user experience process.

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