Asking the big questions.

The first part of our process is to establish a formal kick-off and discovery session. During this session, we start with the big questions: What is your company’s purpose? What services do you offer? How would you describe your market? Who are your competitors? What sets you apart from them? Who is your target audience?

From there, we zoom into project specifics. We work with you to outline current pain points as well as project goals and success factors. Moving forward, we begin to diagram the user flow, site map and technical requirements.

After closing up that session (or set of sessions) with an establishment of project logistics — points of contact, notable deadlines, content needs — we formalize documentation on our side. The outputs of this Discovery process include a Scope and Technical Confirmation, Discovery Recap, Situation Analysis, Target Analysis, and Competitive Analysis.

Once complete, we’re ready to move into wireframes.

Ready to work through the big questions with us? Have a conversation with a member of our team today.