Drive Immediate Results With Paid Search

Paid Search is a media spend driven tactic that offers instant exposure to targeted audiences while communicating a specific message. Our approach focuses Paid Search efforts where users spend their time online, meaning we want to put your investment in front of users in their natural online interactions.

Did you know, that with PPC you can….

  • Track the user experience from ‘click to buy’
  • Remarket directly to consumers that visited your website but left without converting
  • Measure “to the penny” your Return-on-Investment
  • Determine your highest performing keywords and utilize for your Organic Search marketing
  • Continually optimize for higher conversion and lower ‘cost-per-click’
  • Convert the Google “Search” experience into a “Shopping” experience for your potential consumers

Our approach focuses on conversions that matter. Whether you are an ecommerce business looking to drive online sales or a service business seeking more leads we can tailor a Paid Search campaign that targets the buyer you are looking for.


Before developing your individual Paid Search plan, we hold a discovery session to learn not only how and where you make your money but also what is the most profitable approach to drive a positive Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Here we come to understand every asset of your business, including who your target audience is, what services you provide, who your competitors are and any business seasonality. We utilize these learnings to develop a unique plan for your business based on our expertise and understanding of various Paid Search platforms.


Clique is completely agnostic when considering a paid search platform for your business. All we care about is driving results, and whether that is through Google Adwords, Bing, AdRoll, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, our goal is to spend your money where it makes the most impact toward your bottom line. Within each platform we offer a full account build, which includes ad creation, content development, detailed targeting, conversion tracking and budget management. Depending on the nature of your business and the competitive landscape, the platforms we utilize will differ. Each platform offers a unique audience and targeting capabilities, so strategies typically combine tactics from several different channels.

Analytics & Optimization

This is where we start – if we can‘t track it, we can’t measure it. That means we need to focus on where leads are coming from and how relevant they are to your business goals. We utilize Google Tag Manager to add tracking elements to your site which makes it easy to implement with different ad platforms, Google Analytics and remarketing. These pixels allow us to collect data to further optimize our campaigns. At the end of each month we send you a detailed report with performance highlights and upcoming recommendations.  


Most paid search platforms allow for very granular targeting. Targeting options include categories such as location, device, age, gender and interests. We utilize what we learn from our discovery session to tailor campaigns towards your target audience so we only serve your ads to high intent users who are more likely to convert. We then optimize those audiences based on ad performance. Want to get even more targeted? – We can develop a geo-fenced campaign that targets users at a specific location or business and serve them location relevant ads that drive immediate engagement and response.

Interested in working with Clique to gain more qualified leads through paid search? Contact us for an ad consultation..