Francine Prewitt is a business lawyer focused on serving foreign entrepreneurs. A foreign-born business owner herself, she started the firm with the mission to support the success of foreigners seeking to expand or start their business in the United States.

“Prewitt Law is your advocate and guide through the complexities and legal challenges of business immigration.”

Prior to working with Clique, Prewitt Law didn’t have a website, so we completely defined the branding guidelines from color scheme to typography to logo. We designed the site with the audience in mind, making it as personable and engaging as possible.

 Francine Prewitt Lawyer website


To do this, we:

  • Used parallax video
  • Incorporated a blog
  • Highlighted success stories
  • Ensured 4 different language translations
  • Created a custom CMS
    • Open-source
    • PHP
    • Enterprise implementation of WordPress

Explore the firm’s first website and new brand!