3 tools to master before you learn to code (Web inspector, Terminal, and Github)

Is learning to code on your to-do list? Join us for 3 30 minute lightning lectures to pickup 3 skills you’ll need before you start to code. We’ll start with Web Inspector and see what’s underneath the hood of any site, go into the terminal where you can change almost anything on your computer, and wrapup with Github.

Please bring your laptop with Chrome installed to be able to fully participate in the event.

Tom is a web developer in the lovely city of Chicago. He teaches and build curriculum for Startup Institute where he’s an alum. He also loves politics, running and outer space. I have a lot of front-end experience with a variety of JS frameworks including d3.js (for data visualization), famo.us (for physics and animation), and more recently node. Always down to meet interesting people, shoot him a note!

About Dev Bootcamp:

Dev Bootcamp pioneered the short-term immersive “bootcamp” model which transforms beginners into full-stack web developers. With campuses in San Francisco, New York City and Chicago, our 19-week curriculum (9 week part-time remote + 9 week on-campus immersive + Career Week) focuses on Ruby, Javascript, Rails, SQL, HTML and CSS, as well as pair programming, agile and test driven development. To date we’ve graduated more than 1,500 alumni who energize development teams all over the world.