Michael Jordan is now doing to steak what he once did to sports: taking it to a whole new level. Each of the three Steak House locations- in Connecticut, Chicago, and Washington- has its own nuances, and needed a website to reflect that. The sites were designed to highlight MJ’s “steaksmanship,” as well as be secure and editable digital resources.

Clique leveraged the existing logo to guide the redesign, carrying elements of it throughout, while incorporating a modern look and feel. To further the design efforts, we shot custom photography and video to create a full, immersive experience right on the homepage.

 Michael Jordan Steakhouse


To deliver the best outcome, we:

  • Reorganized the navigation to drive conversion goals
    • Updated menu organization
  • Incorporated custom illustrations for “Steakopedia” to elevate brand
  • Used parallax video on the homepage
  • Standardized branding across different locations, while differentiating where needed to localize each restaurant

See the “steaksmanship” come through the screen of the new site!