Workday Excercise: The first smart under-desk elliptical, Cubii.  Shortly after entering into their post-college careers, the Cubii creators became concerned about the limited movement in their new workdays.

Reading the plethora of studies showing the necessity of moderate exercise all day to help reduce risk for heart disease, diabetes, even certain kinds of cancer, they were inspired to create a solution.


Cubii ImageSales for the Cubii have been strong in it’s initial release, and Clique is proud to have been part of bringing the team’s invention to the market. A wellness product close to our own hearts as frequently seated designers and developers, this was an exciting project for us to take on!

In addition to being able to purchase your own Cubii, the site is fun and informational to use. Parallax and animated stat components were used to help tell the story of “why” in a digestible way to educate potential shoppers on the many product perks.