It would be an understatement to say that we thoroughly enjoyed working with this thoughtful and skilled group of innovators. Our discovery involved a tour of the manufacturing facility and Innovation Center, in nearby Cicero and Westchester. Walking the shop-floor we got a firsthand feel for the level of innovation and corporate responsibility, from the product design to material selection, to how LBP runs their facilities.


I’ll never look at my cup o’ joe the same, knowing the sleeve on my coffee drink is manufactured by LBP brings a smile to my face. This brand intersects my life, daily. Our design team decided early on the existing assets would compromise the aesthetic, so we re-shot the whole product line in house. We also went with a blueprint, CAD drawing concept on the homepage to demonstrate LBP’s custom solutions. This innovation story is continued throughout the site, utilizing svg animations to outline the process from ideation and proof of concept to patented food and beverage products.

Since launch:

  • Sessions are up 7%
  • Unique users up 3%, page views up 7%
  • Average session duration up 33%