Kneen, a purveyor of high-end home decor had an existing Magento site. Clique came on to improve overall customer experience with styling updates and targeted usability improvements.

Kneen customer experience
Kneen customer experience

To improve customer experience we targeted:

  • Navigation – The overall look and feel created feelings of incongruence with the high end items being sold. We matched the look and feel to that of a very high end elegant merchant.  With old design, the navigation did not do a good job of providing “information scent,” so we modified the navigation bar to better highlight what type of products are available on the site.  We also changed it to a mega menu with thumbnail images directly in the navigation.
  • Friction Reduction – To reduce friction from adding an item to the cart, we added a hover state that allows users who are browsing all products, to simple view the product or to add that product to the cart right from there. This allows users to initiate a sale without having to view a “product detail” page.  
  • Information Scent – In the checkout process, there was not a clear call to action compelling a user to move forward from the shopping cart page to the checkout pages. We simply updated the styling to make it abundantly clear what a user should do next!
  • Form optimization – Form optimization is often overlooked, the lack of whitespace and multi column layout lead the user to feel overwhelmed and abandon cart. In this case we changed the checkout form so that it had a single column layout with plenty of white space, and a more intuitive credit card input scheme.