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What defines business growth?  

You can look at it three ways:

  1. Hiring more employees
  2. Generating more profits
  3. Producing better work.

While most companies aim for the first two, many are better off focusing on the latter. With a quality-first mindset, the more employees and profits naturally follow.

For us, this meant investing in employee education. Creating a culture of constant regeneration results in a virtuous cycle of learning more, teaching more, and creating higher-quality relationships. When it came time to grow past our initial phase, we didn’t put up a job posting for sales roles. Instead, we hired a director of education to create a training model for the ongoing growth of our employees and partner companies.

It’s not the most conventional approach for a 30-employee company, but it has paid off.

Education sessions build new relationships, lead to new opportunities, boost recruiting, and even generate direct revenue.


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3  Ways To Integrate Education to Your Growth

If you don’t know where to start with an education-driven approach, try these three steps:

1. Put somebody in charge. 

Hire for this role earlier than you’re comfortable. It may seem like a big leap when a company is young, but the risk of not training employees is far greater.

2. Host internal training sessions.

Our company conducts two kinds of sessions. We have 30-minute “lightning talks” and hour-long interactive sessions hosted by team members on specific topics to benefit the wider company.

3. Build workshops with companies that complement you.

In a more interconnected world, knowledge spread across companies is more useful than knowledge contained to one company.