Freeburg Law, LLC is a personal injury and criminal defense law firm serving the greater Yellowstone area. Alex Freeburg is dedicated to delivering the results his clients want, as well as the strength and compassion they need. His experience trying cases in both personal injury and criminal defense has led to the firm’s spectacular reputation.

Before coming to Clique, Freeburg’s existing site wasn’t representative of his brand. He needed a site to help grow his firm, project his reputation, and expand his practice. Also, with the majority of his clients being vacationers and visitors, the new website needed to be very mobile-friendly.

Freeburg Law homepage


To do that, we:

  • Executed content refinement to better tell the firm’s story
  • Built a scalable new site to grow and change as the firm expands to new locations
  • Migrated all blog posts & reformatted to be more SEO-friendly
  • Strategic design elements to revamp the brand
    • Partnered with local onsite photographer to select custom images to strengthen the Freeburg brand
    • Highlighted increased array of service offerings as the firm expands their practice areas
    • Personalized the presentation for potential clients to feel connected
    • Enhanced the user experience by displaying services front and center, and cut down on number of clicks to valuable content

Need a lawyer to deliver results? Meet Alex Freeburg.