Clique has been around since 2003, yet we’ve worked to make our operational structure and open studio feel more like a startup. The many benefits of a fast-paced, collaborative work environment are not without its challenges, the biggest being time.

When you’re moving so fast, are invested in multiple projects, and your days are spent in meetings or on conference calls, it can be near impossible to ‘find time.’

  • Tip #1: Make time. It may never be convenient to stop what you’re working on to have a 15 minute discussion on organic search, but if it means that your team will be more knowledgeable, more efficient at handling common questions, and further streamlined, then this transfer of knowledge is always worth it.It always pays to have everyone on the same page. It always pays to encourage everyone to speak the same language.
  • Tip #2: Internal meetings should only get re-scheduled once. If you push something more than once, chances are it will keep getting pushed, and worse yet, will be written off in people’s minds. While it can be difficult to break old habits, folks are usually happy to jump on board if the message being conveyed is ‘this is important.’
  • Tip #3: Be ruthless in your prioritization. Funny how easy it is to put others before ourselves. Case in point, Clique decided to redesign our own website this fall and the milestones we set for design and development got pushed time and time again to accommodate all other client deadlines. Because this was an internal makeover, it seemed natural to put ourselves second, but the cost of doing so meant we would never complete what we set out to do if we couldn’t learn to prioritize ourselves. Building websites is the core of what we do, who we are, and why we come to work each day, so why wouldn’t we make the time to build a better website that conveys this?

As a project manager, I have learned to be agile and flexible when I’d love for everything to be standardized, simple, and neat, and I’m learning to put my foot down and raise my hand when it’s for our own good. When our model is evolving from an outward, client-driven approach to a macro approach that can take in the whole picture, we are our own client.

I’d like to think I can learn new tricks and sharpen my skills from my comfy office chair. Our collective strengths and successes aside, there’s always room for growth and we can keep challenging one another to not get too comfy in our ways.