EM Search Consulting is a leading digital agency helping over 120 local, regional, and national businesses dominate their industry through strategic digital marketing. They are the only digital marketing company to boast fully transparent reporting, offering a trusted, unbiased perspective. Their focus on ROI has led to their stellar reputation and unbeatable results for their clients.

As a partner of EMSC’s, Clique eagerly approached this project to create a newly designed website to help expand their business. As they continued to grow, they needed a scalable site to elevate their brand and engage target audiences and top talent.  

emsc homepage


To do that, we:

  • Strategically designed to better tell their story
    • UX enhancements and landing pages to cross-sell products
    • Implemented existing branding
  • Redesigned blog to help increase their community voice and standpoint as industry leaders
  • Highlighted their team & culture to leverage the site as a recruiting tool
  • Built a dynamic, flexible site to grow as they expand their business


See the updated design here!