DM Merchandising is a wholesale manufacturing company with an incredible range of product offerings, from gifts and seasonal merchandise to apparel and footwear. They develop innovative products from concepts to completion.

Their previous website was outdated and didn’t adequately highlight their products nor their unique approach. They needed a newly designed marketing site to speak to the fact that they are an industry leading innovative manufacturer with a diverse product line, as well as cater better to their target audiences to drive leads.

DM Merchandising

To do that, we:

  • Built a fully-customizable site to allow flexibility and change as the organization continues to grow and innovate
    • Flexibility to change colors, fonts, sizes, etc. to tailor to each unique product line
  • Reorganized products into categories to enhance the user experience
  • Created branding to speak to target audiences
    • Unique color pallet
    • Logo design
    • Typography

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