How would customers perceive the value of a new products pricing model?

Building on its success as the top provider of transactional emails, SendGrid identified the opportunity to leverage their technology to create an email tool for marketers. The problem: marketers perceive the value around email sends differently than developers (SendGrid’s original customer). SendGrid needed to establish a clear pricing framework based on customer feedback and validation to support this new product’s growth. Enter Clique to lead a design sprint.

SendGrid logo

Confidence delivered.

After 9 full days, 7 prototypes, and 18 usability studies with customers, SendGrid had a clear and confident direction for how to price their new product. The key insight: charging per “email send” explicitly was confusing to marketers. They tie value to the “contact” as opposed to how many times they are emailed. Based on this key insight, we formed a strategy that worked for both products and audience types to couple “email sends” and the number of “contacts stored” into a “dual value metric” to base pricing on.

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