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Each marketer must prioritize their focus and pages with specific goals for conversion and lead nurturing. Getting your visitors to sign up for an email list, read a white paper, and buy a product are some of the highest value actions a user can take. In this session we’ll focus on how you’ve got to give the user something, a great experience, if you expect to get something, a customer.

Together we’ll discuss basic principles of design, customer nurturing and then work together to improve both on some existing sites.  If there’s time we’ll even dive into your site and see if we can crowdsource some improvements.


Michael Facchinello

I specialize in making client business requirements into web properties that delight end users. As a User Experience Architect, I have worked on 109+ separate web projects including: immersive web applications with an emphasis on engagement, e-commerce development and optimization, marketing websites with a focus on conversion, triggers, brand engagement and form optimization.

Kaleigh Simmons

A classically trained journalist turned full-stack marketer. Naturally curious. Perpetually nosy, with a love of storytelling.  I’m currently the Director of Marketing at Rippleshot, a fin-tech company detecting data breaches faster, which allows card issuers, processors and merchants to proactively monitor suspicious activities and implement smarter fraud risk management strategies when breaches do occur.

Conversion Design

Last week, Clique’s own Michael Facchinello and Rippleshot’s Kaleigh Simmons lead an awesome workshop Conversion Design and Customer Nurturing at Startup Institute/1871.  Michael (User Experience Architect and Kaleigh Marketer) were the perfect pair to demonstrate the interconnected processes of web conversion and nurturing leads into customers.  As user’s attention spans have become shorter the importance of combining proficiencies across both dimensions has grown, enter Conversion Design.

Leveraging UX, lead nurturing and design best practices, Conversion Design focuses on minimizing friction to direct users to a single outcome on the web.  This outcome could be an email signup, a comment box, or a purchase but the goal of removing distraction and friction remains the same. It sounds simple but take 5 minutes to explore your favorite e-commerce, news, or company site and you’ll find dozens of outcomes competing for your attention.

A key takeaway from the session was designing sites that either have 1 clear goal or if a user has multiple use cases on your site quickly segmenting them to an appropriately focused area of the site.  Many companies do this take, the public facing Context Media Inc. vs. the client facing Context Media Health.  By segmenting their vastly different user bases into their own site, they can design a focused experience for each user group.

Learn more about the session, and some design/marketing tools we love below.


Session Materials:




Design Tools:

  • – Diagrams and userflows
  • Sketch,  Balslmiq – Wireframe tool
  • invision – design/wireframe presentation tool


Marketing Tools:

  • Google Analytics – Analytics / AB Testing
  • Optimizely – Site AB Testing
  • Unbounce – Landing Page optimization
  • AdRoll – Remarketing ads
  • Mail chimp – Email lists, and templates
  • Big Marker – Host and record events

Conversion Design Newsletters we like:


Great books to read:

  • The Design of Everyday things (UX)
  • The Hook Model (Product Design)
  • The Lean Startup (Product Design)
  • Thinking Fast and Slow (Behavioral Economics)
  • Stumbling Upon Happiness (Behavioral Economics)