Growth Strategies to Build an Awesome Conversion Funnel

Join Colorado’s best and brightest marketing leaders from across industries for thoughtful conversation featuring Havenly Head of Growth Matthew Erley, connection, and of course a free lunch.


Who: CMOs, CBOs, Marketing Directors/Managers

When: May 15th from 11:30-1pm

Where: Coohills – Downtown

Price: Free

Being a successful marketer requires flexibility and adaptability. The strategy you’re using today might be obsolete and ineffective by tomorrow. Not to mention maintaining a consistent brand voice and aesthetic in this environment. This is just one of the many dualities we face, though they don’t have to face it alone. In fact, as marketers, we thrive on it.
In our own marketing practice at Clique Studios, we’ve been fortunate to learn, grow and share knowledge with many talented hard-working marketers. Now, we’re opening our marketing influencers group up to the public.
Havenly VP of Growth, Matt Erly will join us to share how they used conversion optimization to fuel their growth instead of additional ad spend.
Growth is hard – harder than ever. With customer acquisition spending is at an all time high (and growing), how do we win? In this session, we will take a look at many of the non-traditional (and some traditional) conversion strategies that can work for your business. We will discuss why you should care less and less about your paid FB or Instagram CAC, which is only going to get worse over time, and start putting your energy into a conversion strategy that will actually return value.
Take advantage of an opportunity to ask questions and build valuable connections with other marketing leaders before running back to the office.


Our Featured Speaker

VP of Growth/Marketing at Havenly He was formerly responsible for growth of North American markets for the alcohol-tech company, Drizly. Matthew has a passion for early-stage businesses, marketing/growth, building great teams, and bringing products/services to market (specifically with marketplace and assisted e-commerce businesses). Specialties: growth (referral, viral loops, product growth), customer acquisition, start-up scaling/strategy, and SEO. Matthew has an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.



To keep the event intimate and impactful space is limited and generally invite only. Email with inquiries.