Personalized Growth Plans

We work hard and learn efficiently, from our experiences with hundreds of clients and projects. Each week our team rates their experience against our 4 learning priorities, keeping us all accountable for making Clique the best at getting better.


The unforeseen occurs, and each member of our team was hired because we know they can walk their own path. When a big challenge lies ahead we communicate across our team, articulating what we need to learn and by when.  This interdependence extends to our leadership who is transparent with the company’s challenges giving employees opportunity to grow into new roles.


Expertise is more than just excellent output, it also requires consistency and a pace that would leave others behind.


We all deserve constant candid feedback from others, and support when we need it. All our projects involve at least three team members, and we make it a priority to support team members who are pushing to meet tight deadlines.


Our work is always changing, and we like that. As a group of tinkers, explorers and builders we learn best by doing, and are quick to share the awesome projects we’re working on.