Clique’s inaugural Modern Apprentice Program (MAP) kicked off this week with three amazing apprentices.  MAP is an intensive 3 month program to train new engineers on our unique process to develop enterprise websites and applications.  

In the first week the apprentices have worked on everything from PHP to prioritization. The week started off with a primer on Apache and quickly moved to MySQL. But being a contributor isn’t all about technical skills. They’ve also worked with Clique’s founders/directors on prioritization, learned about process from our UX Architect and reflected on the interpersonal skills necessary to be effective in this environment with the Head of Education.

Currently they’re hacking away on their own iteration of a calculator using PHP, which they just started using a week ago. They’ve certainly got their work cut out for them but have lots of support and have already impressed the team.

It was immediately obvious that a program this challenging would require a talented bunch with the right mix of technical confidence and humility to learn and grow in a professional environment.  

Finding that unique combo required interviewing more than 30 candidates from all over Chicago with both traditional and self-taught backgrounds.  Learn more about each apprentice below.


Aloha Armando:

After years of soul searching, Armando found his calling through a development bootcamp which has lead to me becoming a software developer. The unique process of thinking critically and creating is very alluring to him; few careers offer such a fulfilling experience. Armando’s goal with software development is the same with any other venture he undertakes: to become very good at what he does.

Bridget’s byline:

After graduating from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a Marketing degree, Bridget decided to move to Chicago to jumpstart her career as a web developer by attending Dev Bootcamp.  There she learned Ruby on Rails, Javascript and the fundamentals of web development.  As an apprentice at Clique Studios, she’s excited to contribute to the team and learn more about PHP, Laravel and Magento. As a new Chicagoan, she likes to spend her free time exploring and makes a goal to try something new and exciting every week!

Sam says:

Sam O’Connell originally from Chicago, graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Economics and started his career in banking.  It turns out banking was not for him and he signed up for Anyone Can Learn to Code to change careers.  As an apprentice, he’s working to become a contributor on the engineering team.  Outside of work he loves to play basketball and run along Lake Michigan.