For Clients: 3 Pre-work Tips for a Successful Kickoff

Any project start is an exciting time for everyone involved.  The deep dive into the project outline.  The momentum from the project kickoff and initial conversations.

But there are important details to think through and get into motion well before that project kickoff date.  To get a head start on the Discovery process, make sure to think through these details.  They’re crucial to build the foundation for any project.

  • Communicate Any Necessary Existing Business Processes and Requirements

Don’t worry about how they will fit in to the project, that will be addressed during the Discovery process.  The crucial piece is to outline any existing business processes and requirements that will integrate with the new project.


For marketing websites, this might be an outline of the lead flow and how new web contact forms will get to the right people or into the right lead generating platform.  For eCommerce projects, this might be an outline of any unique tax jurisdictions that the business currently works within.  If the business is new, the requirements might be worth having an additional discovery or conversation with other stakeholders to firm up how everything will fit together.

  • Identify Key Project Stakeholders

Typically, one or two individuals are the primary point person for a new project.  Keeping that day-to-day contact person limited streamlines communication and increases project efficiency.  But be careful of excluding any stakeholders that manage a certain business workflow or need buy-in at distinct points.  Projects are at risk when the right stakeholder is not involved to make sure that the project meets specific business requirements or a higher level approval they govern.


Know who each of these individuals are and the role they should play ahead of a project start.  Communicate the project objectives clearly and plan any specific approval that will be needed.  When the project starts, make the project team aware of these approvals so no one’s approval is left out.

  • Prioritize Ideas

Projects might start with a few initial goals defined but with a few other bells and whistles in the back of the mind.  As the project start date draws closer, even more new ideas might come to light.   A portal for employees.  A small ecommerce store.  An integration with a platform to streamline other business processes.  What started as a simple idea for a project might start generating exciting features and new directions.


Ideas are great.  Write them down.  But prioritize those ideas into distinct “must have” and “nice to have” categories.  Keep in mind that there can always be multiple phases to a project once the initial work wraps up.  The key to a seamless project and meeting that launch target is to focus on those top, critical goals and to know when the bells and whistle can wait.