The Chicago Venture Summit is an exclusive event where some of the most influential investors come to meet the best venture-backed startups in the Midwest. The event features curated networking to give both startups and VCs the opportunity to engage and connect.

Having built the Chicago Venture Summit event website two previous years, we were thrilled to be able to do it again. We created an experience that does more than just advertise the event, but also speaks to the target audiences and generates the desired leads with strategic CTAs (i.e. “Request an Invite” and “Apply to Present”).

 Chicago Venture Summit website 2017



  • Created a 2.5D Parallax video for an engaging landing impression on the homepage
  • Updated the logo
  • Refreshed overall branding to be more Chicago-focused
    • Applied new branding to all marketing materials (including PDF invites , flyers, etc.)
  • Utilized custom animations to add a dynamic element

Third time’s the charm (…or at least some of our best work yet!)