The Melting Pot is a chain of casual dining restaurants, specializing in fondue. For more than three decades, The Melting Pot has defined the fondue experience across the American dining scene. Customers are invited to customize their fondue experience any way they like.

The Melting Pot enlisted Clique Studios to create a mobile-first experience that would enhance the dining experience, making it memorable and promoting loyalty.


We worked up an appetite and had fun collaborating with The Melting Pot to deliver an excellent mobile experience. Beyond driving traffic to The Melting Pot locations, the real opportunity with this initiative was to extend the touch points with the consumer, by engaging them throughout the entire experience.


Before we dipped in, we presented our partners with a mobile engagement strategy, identifying 3 opportunities for digital engagement: pre-dining, dining, and post-dining.

The solution included deep-dive research, designs, .NET to PHP integrations for 150 franchises, and a coherent A/B testing strategy to optimize and improve. The results?



Reduction in bounce rate


Increase in pages/visit


Location page visits in the first 3 months


The new mobile presence was an unqualified success, resulting in 2.5 million mobile visits in the three months after launch.

From a technical implementation, we successfully integrated with their existing proprietary database to minimize the operational impact.

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