Since being founded in 1896 in Switzerland, Roche has since grown into the largest biotech company in the world. As the recognized leader in cancer research for over 50 years, the company invests $9B in every year into Research and Development, employing over 88,000 people in 150 countries.

Since 2014, Clique has been partnering with Roche on a series of initiatives to boost engagement and conversions, by building platforms and doing market research for its sequencing brands: Roche Sequencing, Ventana Medical Systems, and SpringBio.


Ventana Medical Systems — a manufacturer of over 220 cancer tests — sought a new, engaging digital presence for the Companion Diagnostics brand.


Roche Sequencing approached Clique for a completely new digital presence built on Adobe Experience Manager (CQ5). After that implementation, Clique has been leading the strategy and build of a new intranet for its employees.


Clique was then introduced to SpringBio, an innovative company that develops and manufactures rabbit monoclonal antibodies, to lead a series of digital initiatives.



SpringBio products


Roche R&D budget


Number of Roche employees worldwide


Clique continues to proudly partner with the suite of groundbreaking brands. We recently completed a digital presence for SpringBio that seamlessly integrated a proprietary .NET ecommerce system with a modern open-source PHP content management system, migrating hundreds of products to a new responsive set of templates.

We are now leading organic search and PPC initiatives. The new custom intranet platform to better engage employees is launching Q2 2016, and the AEM transition recently went live. Roche continues to grow every year and we’re so excited as to what the future holds.

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