Land of Lincoln Health is the first and only health insurance CO-OP in Illinois. As a non-profit organization, they are governed solely by the people they insure. Many health insurance companies claim that they offer affordable health care, however, LLH is unique in that any extra revenue is reinvested for its customer’s benefit–by improving coverage, controlling premiums, and expanding benefits.


Everything about health care is confusing.

How does one begin to understand the Affordable Care Act, yet alone their own health insurance coverage?

Shopping for a health insurance plan is a cumbersome task, and that is putting it kindly. On April 29, 2013, Land of Lincoln Health earned its mutual insurance license from the State. On August 1st, Clique was contacted.


In a two month span, Clique was engaged to design and build LLH.org from scratch and be ready for the launch of the marketplaces on Oct 1st, 2013.



Members, maxing enrollment


Uptime in first year


Vendor system integrations


Clique has served as the full digital partner for the LandofLincolnHealth.org marketing site, seamlessly directing users to vendor platforms for eCommerce, login portals, broker portals, education, and more.

The 100+ page site has a fully responsive design, secure root SSL, a connection to all vendor portals through custom SSO (Single Sign On) development, translations, plan finders, and more. Clique has also led organic search and PPC initiatives, leading to a 9.54% aggregate conversion rate, 10x the benchmark.

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