A modern website to better tell a brand’s story

Since 1988, IPM (Integrated Project Management) has helped 400+ companies in multiple industries identify, plan, and execute their good ideas—more than 4,000 projects and counting. When they came to Clique, they needed a modern website to help tell their story: they are a people-first organization, committed to both their clients and their employees.

Screenshot of IPM's new website homepage

Striking the right balance between content and design

IPM’s business is all in the details and, rather than communicate it with walls and walls of text, our designers constrained copy. The refined, minimalistic design encourages users to explore and gives them the power to dive into detail when they’re ready to learn more.

Strategy meets style

One of the most unique design elements of the content experience is the sideways scrolling feature—when a user scrolls on the homepage, it scrolls left-to-right rather than up-and-down. The scroll connects to IPM’s commitment to lead their clients forward and it parallels the motion in their logo. Changing the orientation of the scroll uproots user expectations, sparking curiosity. We paired this feature with a minimalist design to avoid distracting from the content on the page.

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