Apprentice Programs:  Opportunities and Risks with Clique Studios

Apprentice programs are definitely are a hot topic now, but it’s hard to find stories of sustainable success with them.  How do you begin to implement an apprentice program, and even decide if you should?  What do you need to know, and be willing to commit to accurately measure it’s success and impact?

In 2015 Clique Studios launched The Modern Apprentice Program (MAP) as part of a larger initiative called Clique University. We learned very quickly that a successful apprentice program touches multiple functions so each stake holder will share the challenges they faced, including our Director of Education, a Senior Engineer/Mentor and an Apprentice.  Then we’ll dive into best practices, how and why we built MAP with an explicit and detailed curriculum.  To wrap up we’ll discuss what challenges we’ve overcome and others that we still face.

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